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Visual Studio Addins

ClassAccessor Generator

ClassAccessor Generator 1.1.3

An Addin for Visual Studio 2008 which generates an accessor class for unit testing. The accessor class, along with a shunt (or mock) class, provides natural feeling access to private and protected methods, properties and fields of any C# class. The accessor class provides for NUnit testing, a similar kind of direct access to hidden methods that MSTest provides. Source code for the target class is required in order to create an accessor.

Available: Yes

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Regular Expression Explorer

Regular Expression Explorer 1.2.10

RegEx Explorer is a visual studio addin which lets you create or modify regular expressions and test them with any text. Matches are highlighted by surrounding each with a red box. A dropdown list of suggestions is available with choices for email, GUID, URL, etc. Any pattern you create can be added to the suggestion list. Existing suggestions can be removed by pressing DEL on a selected name.

Checkboxes are available for Ignore Case, Multiline and to auto-add or remove a ^$ wrapper. Patterns can be saved to be future suggestions. Patterns can be copied to the clipboard with a button press for pasting into your code. Matches are displayed in real-time as you type.

Now supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012!

Available: Yes

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